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APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation a regional trade group from 21 nations accounting for more than half of the world's economic output and 42% of its population.
ASEAN Association of South Ease Asia Nations consist of member countries from: Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines and Myanmar.

Fake or non-conforming CE Mark?
CE Marking Certification is a legal requirements to trade with any EEC member state


Your import-export objective is to find a foreign market without the need on any kind of product redesign and be exposed in the foreign market to determine their reactions by prospective Import, Export agents, Distributors, or Export merchant

Export Merchants are trading companies that will buy the local firm's goods and assume the risk of reselling them profitably abroad. They usually specialized in a particular line of products, in a particular geographical market area.

Strategies for Export. Modifications required may be due to legal requirements: product labeling regulations, weight & measures, language dictated by local cultures.

Indirect Exporting? Perhaps the manufacturer is too busy with his home market or too busy manufacturing to export. Whatever the reason, he may decide to engage in indirect exporting.


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