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Malaysian Import and Export Custom Procedures

Malaysian Custom Declaration Forms

Malaysian Customs Declaration Forms Requirements for Particulars to be declared

Malaysian Customs authorities generally require the following particulars in the customs declaration forms.

Particulars of persons: Name and address of importer or exporter, name and address of the consignor/consignee  and name and address of the declarant.

Particulars of transport: Mode of transport and identification of means of transport.

Particulars of the goods: Country of origin/country of destination, description of the packages (numbers type, marks and number, weight) and tariff description of the goods.

Particulars for the assessment of duties/taxes: Tariff classification rates of duties and taxes, gross weight, net weight or other quantity and value.

  Malaysian Import and Export Custom Procedures
About SST Malaysian goods and services tax

What you need to know about
Malaysian Custom Inward Manifest Submission

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Malaysian Customs control in relation to the clearance of goods.

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Malaysian Customs Documentation are goods declaration form required by the customs department.

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Particulars to be declared. Malaysian Customs generally require the following particulars in the customs declaration forms.

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Documents Required in Support of the Malaysian Customs declaration form.




Other particulars: Area where preferential is claimed reference to documents submitted to support the declaration such as import/export license etc. and date and signature of the declarant.

In the course of importing or exporting the goods, the owner of the goods is required to make certain endorsements on the declaration forms.

This is particularly so if the goods in question enjoy certain exemption from duties or taxes, in cases of refund and drawback claims and in cases of temporary importation or exportation of goods.

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Offences and Penalties in making incorrect declaration and falsifying documents.

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SST Malaysian goods Sales and services tax and Import Excise duty leviable on the goods imported into Malaysia. The rate of import duty varies according to the type of goods imported.

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Malaysian Custom Examination of goods. It is carried out after the declaration of goods are accepted by the proper officer of customs.

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Temporary Import and Export. Goods imported on a temporary basis with a view to subsequent re-export are allowed to be delivered on importation without payment of duty.


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Secrets of International Trade
Letters of Credit Procedures

The foreign bank prepares the letter of credit and mails it to its branch or correspondent bank in the city nearest to the exporter's place of business.

Being irrevocable, it cannot be cancelled by the foreign bank that has issues it without the consent of the beneficiary.

The bank branch of correspondent bank in the exporter's country (called the advising bank) informs the exporter, by means of a written advice, the details of the letter of credit and the conditions of payment.

If it had been a confirmed letter of credit, the exporter's bank would have added its name to the obligation, thereby guaranteeing payment.

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