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Malaysia Commodity & Manufactured Export Contents

Trade between Malaysia and Italy

Malaysia import from Italy
Total import from Italy RM2,026.7 (RM million) in 1999

General industrial machinery & equipment 587.5

Machinery specialised for particular industries 225.0

Chemicals & Related products 205.4

Electrical machines & equipment 200.4

Telecommunication equipment 70.6

Fabricated metal products 63.9

Iron & steel 57.4

Leather & leather goods 57.0

Auto vehicles 53.2

Metalworking machinery 46.4

Pulp, paper & paperboard 45.0

Textile yarn & fabrics 44.6

Others 370.3






Malaysia export to Italy

Telecommunication equipment 311.0

Apparel & clothing 224.0

Palm oil 208.4 

Office machines & data processing equipment 133.

General industrial machinery & equipment 131.5

Textile and yarn 112.2

Fish, crustaceans & molluscs 105.7

Electrical machines & equipment 104.2

Natural rubber 90.3

Rubber products 74.1

Cork & wood 68.7

Non ferrous metal products 54.3

Chemical & related products 52.5

Iron & steel 45.1

Others 247.6

Total export to Italy RM1,963.3 (RM million)




Malaysian Import Export Customs Documentation

Malaysian Customs control in relation to the clearance of goods. Application of customs control in relation to the clearance of goods is required under the Malaysian customs laws and regulations.

Requiring the submission of the appropriate goods declaration form and other documents to customs in due time for releasing purposes.

Subject goods landed or goods before exportation to the warehousing procedures so as to bring them under customs control.

Export Shipment and Transportation - Freight cost are computed by shipping company based on both weight and cubic size.


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