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Malaysia Footwear Export


80 % of raw materials used in the footwear industry were imported. Italy is the top supplier of machinery for manufacturing and repairing of footwear for 1997 accounting of 45% total import

Malaysia is a net exporter of footwear, with export rising from RM263 Million in 1997 to RM276 million in 1998 and RM307.5 million for 1999 and RM175 million for the first five month of year 2000

Shipped to: (1999) Singapore 40% 

To Italy 5.7%

Hong Kong 4.1%

Japan 4%

Britain (UK) 4.2%

France 3.2%


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Malaysian Import Export Customs Documentation

Goods would be subjected to physical and documentary examination, as and when deemed necessary to determine the accuracy of the goods declared in respect of the description, quantity, tariff classification, valuation and the like.

The objective is also to determine the amount of customs duties payable to stop frauds, to avert loss of revenue and to prevent evasion of prohibition or restriction controls

About Trade Consignment. As a method of promoting the sale of its goods, an exporter may be willing to offer consignment terms. This means that the foreign importer agrees to receive and stock the goods but only pay for them, if and when sold.


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