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Malaysia Commodity & Manufactured Export Contents

Malaysia Palm Oil Export





Malaysia produced 10.5 million tonnes of palm oil in 1999 accounting for 52.7% of world's production and exported 9.2 million tonnes or 69.7 million of world export of palm oil.

The current "Palm Oil" share of world's oil and fats trade is 39% and projected to be 41% by year 2005

The current world consumption of oils & fats is 112 million tonnes and projected to be 130 million tonnes by year 2005

In the context of global exports of oil & fats. Malaysia alone accounted for 24.6% of total world trade.

Malaysia Palm oil export comprise of:
Crude palm oil, Process palm oil, Palm Sterin

1999 export 8.2 million tonnes
2000 forcast 8.6 million tonnes

Malaysia main export market are:

China, Pakistan, Japan, Egypt, India

Netherlands and South Korea


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Malaysian Import Export Customs Documentation

Proper preparation of customs declaration forms is highly essential. Special attention must be given to the full description, numbers, marks, packing and weight of the packages, the unit value and the total value, and the tariff classification of the goods.

Section 79 of the Customs Act 1967 requires the declaring of dutiable goods imported to give a full and true account of the number and description of packages, of the description, weight, measure or quantity, and value of all such dutiable goods and the country of origin of such goods.



How to Conduct Export Research? The objective is to identify those countries that import your type of product.


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