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Import Export FAQ's


Malaysian Import and Export Custom Procedures

Malaysian Custom Documents Required

Documents Required in Support of the Malaysian Customs declaration form:

The supporting documents are basically documents required by the Malaysian Custom Department to enable the proper officer to ascertain the amount of duties/taxes to be collected.

In addition, the proper officer of customs is given the power to request for any other needed documents under Section 100 of the Customs Act 1967

1. Bill of lading or consignment note, where appropriate

2. Commercial invoice relating to the goods

3. Bank documents such as letter of credit etc.

4. Certificate of origin of the goods

5. Packing List

6. Import license/export license, if applicable

5 Malaysian Import and Export Custom Procedures
About SST Malaysian goods and services tax

What you need to know about Malaysian Custom Inward Manifest Submission

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Malaysian Customs control in relation to the clearance of goods.

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Malaysian Customs Documentation are goods declaration form required by the customs department.

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Particulars to be declared. Malaysian Customs generally require the following particulars in the customs declaration forms.

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Documents Required in Support of the Malaysian Customs declaration form.



7. Relevant foreign exchange control documents (for exportation of goods) if applicable

Submission of Inward and Outward Manifest

The inward and outward manifests contain all particulars of the goods such as marks, numbers and content of each packages, landed or shipped , names of shippers and consignees name.

The inward manifest must be lodged to the customs within a specified time after the arrival of the carrier.


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Offences and Penalties in making incorrect declaration and falsifying documents.

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SST Malaysian goods Sales and services tax and Import Excise duty leviable on the goods imported into Malaysia. The rate of import duty varies according to the type of goods imported.

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Malaysian Custom Examination of goods. It is carried out after the declaration of goods are accepted by the proper officer of customs.


The owner or agent or person in control of the carrier or of the goods is made responsible for all the goods so reported
until the customs declaration has been duly processed and the goods are released form customs control.

This means every item of the cargo as listed in the manifest must be accounted for and balanced with the customs declaration.

Accountability of exports by vessel or aircraft is through the outward manifest.

It is a legal obligation imposed on the owner or agent of any vessel of aircraft to comply with this requirement.

The period of submission of the outward manifest is within seven days of the departure of the vessel of the aircraft.

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Temporary Import and Export. Goods imported on a temporary basis with a view to subsequent re-export are allowed to be delivered on importation without payment of duty.



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Letters of Credit Procedures

# The exporter then presents the draft, with the required shipping documents attached, to the bank in his own country that has advised the letter of credit.

The bank then checks very carefully that all the documents are present, including the required number of copies, that the conditions of the letter of credit have been scrupulously met and that the documents have been completed more

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