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Secrets of International Trade

Producing for Export


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One firm received an order from
a chain store for Hot Sauce that
requires two year's production
in one export order.

It is no good developing an export market if your production capacity cannot meet the demands of the new foreign market.

Budgeting for Export

You can start with an Export Manager and Secretary or

perhaps as part of your existing Marketing Department and allocate some funds to finance the export operation. Refer to page 2 : Procedures for Export


Organizing for Export

It should start off by appointing a competent person called an Export Manager and assisted by a secretary. Further clerical support can be provided later.
Refer to page 3 : Marketing Plan for Export




Export Communication

In international trade, exporters are often far away from their foreign buyers, efficient communication becomes a high priority. Facsimile, Internet, eMail, FaceBook and many other available internet marketing media have the benefit of speed, accuracy and automatic reception with written record.

Telephone, although fast and direct, provides no written records and time differences around the world often means that the buyer is sleeping, when you are at your office.

Letters also play an important role in international trade - for sales introductions, answering inquiries, confirming telephone conversations, etc.
Recommended further reading : Manners are personality -- the outward manifestation of a company or one's innate character and attitude. It can make or break business transactions.



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Why Export? "In the international market place, the size of a company is not an important factor."

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Budgeting for Export, Production for Export, Organizing for Export and Export Communication

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Procedures for Exporting, Export Marketing Plan and Getting Export Information

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