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Secrets of International Trade

Getting Export Information


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Lack of export information
can affect the success of
firm's export activities.

Export information system should involved:

Seminars and conferences should be attended in order to upgrade skills and improve export knowledge.

Becoming member of various trade organization, local Chamber of Commerce and Trade Association to develop valuable export contacts.




Procedures for Exporting

The Export Manager should prepare and set out on paper for all to follow, clear-defined procedures.

  • 1. The quoting of export prices

  • 2. The follow-up of contacts made

  • 3. The promotion of the company's product abroad

  • 4. The processing of an export order once received


The processing of an export
order itself involves a number of stages:





Keeping Export Records

Keep records of all export contacts,
correspondence, inquiries, purchase orders, invoices.

With filing system for easy reference:
shipping documents, export insurance certificates and export expenses, etc.


Export Products Brochure

Printed materials must be examined to assess it's suitability for export promotion. The information should be in English or if feasible, in the local foreign language.

A short description of the company, covering its history, products, plant capacity, sales, markets, customer references, pictures, specification etc., will be useful in finding agents or distributors and in convincing prospective importers that the company is a reputable manufacturer.

Recommended further reading : How to Develop your Export Market. Finding Agents or Distributors... Perhaps the manufacturer is too busy with his home market or too busy manufacturing to export.


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Why Export? "In the international market place, the size of a company is not an important factor."

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Budgeting for Export, Production for Export, Organizing for Export and Export Communication

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