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Secrets of International Trade

4 P's of Export


"A hastily and badly written e-message will easily offend and sour a new business relationship before it even begins..."



Part 1/4
The 4 P's of e-business protocol. No reason for the recipient to find the sender lacking in manners.

Mind your manners. E-mail etiquette or netiquette has become a real problem with hastily written e-message.



Part 2/4
e-Mail Business Communication. Value your time but don't lower the value of your email message.

Manners are personality -- the outward manifestation of a company or one's innate character and attitude.

Part 3/4
eMail netiquette and e-mail salutation. The allure of e-mail lies in its speed as well as being cheaper than postal mail or fax.

E-mail, although lacking "real" physical stationery do present an outward manifestation of the sender innate character and attitude.



Part 4/4
Importers, Exporters and International Business need to be alert to various email Scam.

All you have to do is give him your account number and the money will be transferred. You will get a quick 10% or 20% or ten million or whatever for doing virtually nothing.


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