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Mission Statement: You get every thing you want in life--only when you help others get what they want.

  Objective: We are here to assist International Importers, exporters trade with Malaysian Manufacturers.

Activity: Internet Export Marketing Consultation

Company Name: Mails Broadcast Dot Com

Registration: TR0034897-M Registered in Malaysia

Established: 2003

Mailing Address: Lot 757, Block C-5, Jalan Subang 3, 47610, Selangor, Malaysia.

E-mail: 2consult @

  Internet Marketing Consultant / Director

Tony Koh (B.Sc. MBA)

Author of Secrets of International Trade



Many countries requires the exporter to complete and sign a Certificate of Value

Certificate of Value document -- the exporter states that the invoice contains a true and full statement of the price paid for the goods by the importer and that there is no other arrangement between the exporter and the foreign buyer about the purchase price.

The purpose is to discourage double invoicing - whereby the importer presents one invoice for customs duty calculation but in fact pays the exporter a larger sum based on true invoice.

Cargo Manifest
When quantities, weights or contents of the various packing cases in an export shipment vary, it is usual to prepare a separate list for each case indicating its contents, weight and measurements.


How to calculate Costing for Export? The cost-plus method of pricing ensures that you will be selling at a profit

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