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The Pallet : The last frontier
against industrial cost


The Webster's Dictionary defines the term pallet:

"A transportable platform used for the storage of goods"... a flat transport structure that supports goods in a stable fashion while being lifted.



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Since pallets was first introduced, they were made of wood and much effort expended into the search for an alternative to wood.

A loaded pallet is subjected to higher static stresses when it is supported in ordinary pallet racking or drive-in stacking than when it is lifted by forked machines.



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Use of different materials have brought to the forefront materials such as metals, plastics & composite.

The relative severity of the loading conditions resulting from the different types of support and that the bending moment, increases disproportionately with the size of the pallet.

Part 3/3
The ISO approved pallet, measuring 1000mm x 1200mm with four way access for forklifts is considered the optimum size.

The pallet has become the cornerstone of the entire materials handling industry. It is the means by which the manufacturing, transport and distribution functions...


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