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Malaysia Commodity & Manufactured Export Contents

Malaysia Crude Oil and LNG Export

Malaysia crude oil production per day for November 1998 is 733,000 barrels
November 1999 is 733,000 barrels - averaging 700,000 bpd Projection: 685,000 bpd per day for year 2000

EXPORT Output and Export of Natural Gas: 1996 - 12,908
1997 - 15,068
1998 - 14,670
1999 - 14,900
2000 - forcast 15,430

December 1998 - 4,384 million standard cubic feet per day. October 1999 - 3,042 mscfd Major buyer - South Korea and Japan


Info on Malaysia Top 10 export countries

Info on Malaysia Trade

Malaysian Import Export Customs Documentation

Malaysian legal provision in importation and exportation are stipulated in the Malaysian Customs Act 1967

And Customs Regulations 1977. The main concept of legal provisions is to apply customs control procedures in importation and exportation Definition of import. Importation means to bring or cause to be brought into Malaysia by land, sea or air.



Malaysian Custom Definition of export
Exportation is defined as to take or cause to be taken out of Malaysia by land, sea, or air, to place any goods in a vessel, conveyance or aircraft for the purpose of such goods being taken out of Malaysia- Read More


Export Marketing Strategies - A strategy is just a sophisticated name for a plan. You should have one basic plan.


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