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Secrets of International Trading

  "In business law, an offer once accepted by the buyer, an export contract comes into being"
How to Draft an Agency Agreement?

Exporting Starts Here... In the international market place... Smaller firms are just as effective as big corporations.


Export Marketing Strategies. A strategy is just a sophisticated name for a plan. You should have a basic plan for exporting.   How to Conduct Export Research? The objective is to identify those countries that import your type of product.

4 P's of Business Correspondence. No reason for the recipient to find the sender lacking in business manners.   How to Manage Export Promotion? The most effective way to introduce a product and to find out exactly what buyers think.



How to Develop an Export Market? Indirect Export... Reason why manufacturers chooses to export its goods indirectly?   How to Draft an Agency Agreement? You could find yourself in legal hot water that even the best lawyer can't get you out.


How to calculate Costing for Export? The cost-plus method of pricing ensures that you will be selling at a profit.   Hazards of Export Packing & Shipping. The exporter should ensure that guidelines are observed when packing the goods.


Export Shipment and Transportation. Freight cost are computed by shipping company based on weight and cubic size.
Getting Paid for Exporting. Irrevocable letter of credit from a bank, is still not a cast-iron guarantee of payment.



Documentation for Exporting. Consular invoice, bill of lading, packing list, certificate of origin, health certificate etc.   Export Trade Barriers & Trading Blocks Barriers represent an extra cost of doing business that can be built into the price.


Marine Insurance Defined - For shipment to countries overseas is know as Marine insurance or ocean marine insurance.   InCoTerms 2000 set of rules defines precise obligations to reduce  misunderstanding between exporter and importer.

To trade with any EEC member state, it is a legal requirement for products to conform with the European Directives.   ISO approved pallet with four way forklifts access are international considered the  universally accepted standard pallet.

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