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Trade Fairs are often the most effective way to introduce a product and to find out exactly what buyers think.

Trade Fairs is an excellent way by which an export firm can demonstrate its products, contact potential customers, agents and distributors.

Generally, to get a feel of a foreign market, is by participating in one or more of the many organized trade fairs that are held around the world.

Details for worldwide trade shows are available at http://www.expodatabase.com/

Trade Fairs originated many centuries ago, and held at cities upon which various trade routes converged upon, trade fair is a place at which manufacturers and traders can demonstrate their wares, meet one another and secure orders.



  In the old days, the goods traded were precious metals, spices and fabrics. Nowadays, there are trade fairs for practically every kind of product.

In fact, because of the great variety of products manufactured, trade fairs have become extremely specialized.

These trade fairs, although they occasionally permit entry to the general public after the first few days, are basically industrial trade fairs -- in other words, the stalls or booths are occupied by manufacturing firms who seek orders not from the general public but from wholesalers and retailers.

Unlike the fairs held many centuries ago, today's industrial fair are usually housed in a modern exhibition building specially designed for the purpose and operated on a continuous basis by professional trade fair officials who themselves engage in the promotion of their services to would-be exhibitors.

Product testing, for the exporter at trade fairs is often the fastest and most effective way to introduce a product and to find out exactly what buyers think of it and what modifications, if any, are necessary.

Contacts, usually at a trade fair, the exhibitors do more than secure immediate orders for their products. Contacts are made with potential buyers which, when properly followed-up, result in sales in the weeks or months ahead.




Furthermore, at most trade shows, some exhibitors usually end up signing dealership arrangements with firms from different countries or having begun negotiations that will lead to an agency or distributorship agreement or Sales Contract.

Governments assisted trade organization often organize group exhibitions, for local export firms wishing to take part at various major overseas trade shows.

Germany is the country that is considered to have the most industrial trade fairs. Many of the world's biggest trade fairs are held in Germany - usually in the city of Cologne, Frankfurt or Hannover.

These fairs attracted much more than 200,000 visitors from all over the world, with thousands of participating exhibitors.

A trade fair exclusively for machinery used for packaging and printing is held in Dusseldorf Germany every four years. The fair, which runs for a week, last attracted well over 250,000 visitors and 1,200 exhibitors. To get a boot space, reservation 4 years in advance are required.
Details for worldwide trade shows are available at http://www.expodatabase.com/



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Trade Fairs; most export effective way to introduce a product and to find out exactly what international buyers think

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