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Secrets of International Trade


How to Manage Export Promotion?


"Trade Fairs is an excellent way by which an export firm can introduce and demonstrate its products and find out exactly what buyers think as well as contact potential agents and distributors".



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How to Manage Export Promotion?

Promotion is the term used to describe marketing activities - to persuade potential customers to buy your goods or services.

What are the various ways to promote your products abroad?.

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Role of the Foreign Agent & Exporter.

If the exporter appoints an foreign export agent, import agent, distributor, export merchant or  trading house or Resident foreign buyer as channels of distribution for its goods, the promotional strategy should be developed in consultation with them.



Part 3/4
Trade Fairs...are the most effective way to introduce a product and to find out exactly what buyers think.

Product testing, for the exporter at trade fairs is often the fastest and most effective way to introduce a product.


Part 4/4
Overview of Export Payment, Financing & Documentation.

For new client, the exporter should insist on payment by sight draft drawn against an irrevocable letter of credit  - which is a written commitment by the foreign buyer's bank that it will pay for the goods.


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