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Secrets of International Trade


Marketing Strategies
for the Exporter


"An exporter should determine which foreign market to target first....

...Singapore firms, for example, automatically looks North of the border such as Malaysia"



Part 1/6
A strategy is just a sophisticated name for a plan. You should have one basic plan for exporting.

Some manufacturer may decide not to export themselves, but employ a trading house or export agent to act on its behalf in seeking market opportunities, promoting and securing orders.

Part 2/6
Export marketing research checklist should help a manufacturer organize its data for exporting.

A marketing research checklist should help a manufacturer organize its data and thoughts for exporting.



Part 3/6
Product Strategy. Minor product modifications may be necessary to capture a share of the market.

The modifications may be due to legal requirements, for example: product labeling regulations, weight and measures, language or may be dictated by the local culture or climate.

Part 4/6
Export Price Strategy. There are many ways an export firm can get its products into the foreign markets.

Direct Export, to sell the product yourself - this means that the manufacturer must have its own sales representative abroad or an import agent working on a commission basis or foreign distributor who buys the goods for resale.



Part 5/6
Checklist for your export promotion and export marketing plan

"If you aim at nothing. It's guaranteed that you will hit it."

Part 6/6
Branding Strategy. Religion and cultural differences may determine whether the product is saleable.

Brand name make sure the name have no undesirable meaning Religion and other cultural differences may also determine whether the product is saleable in its present form.


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